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Swimming pools are great for cooling family fun and entertaining family and friends. However, upkeep on any size pool can keep Atlanta homeowners busy. Periodic maintenance and seasonal opening and closings take lots of time. But when it is time to refurbish your pool surfaces, you could waste many weekends of precious time scraping and brushing, and possibly damage the underlying substrate.

Atlanta Sandblasting Services provides the ultimate solution for quick, clean removal of old pool surfaces with dustless media sandblasting.

Old Pool Paint on Concrete and Fiberglass

Over time, weather, use and harsh pool chemicals cause pool coatings to weaken, dry out and flake away. As cracks form and wear occurs, pieces of the original coating flakes away, leaving dangerous, sharp edges. This increases the risk of injury to family members and guests. This also raises your risk of premises liability lawsuits over injuries.

When its time to remove the old coating and prepare for refinishing, a clean removal process is essential. You want all the old coating completely removed to prevent it from flaking off under the new coating, causing it to fail prematurely. Sandblasting is the ideal method of removing all types of coatings, even tough epoxy paints used in swimming pools. Our team uses the correct equipment settings and blasting media to remove coatings without damaging the underlying surface, even concrete or fiberglass.

Professional Dustless Sandblasting in Atlanta

Atlanta Sandblasting Services provides professional dustless sandblasting for removing swimming pool coatings. We use only the latest mobile dustless sandblasting equipment and skilled techniques to blast away pool surface coatings safely and without damage. And the dustless equipment uses water to capture the blasting media and resulting debris to minimize cleanup and keep the air and surrounding areas clean.

Scraping and wire brushing to remove your pool coating could waste many afternoons and weekends, while dustless sandblasting can remove most pool coatings in a single day. When you are ready for refurbishing your Atlanta area swimming pool, call Atlanta Sandblasting Services for dustless mobile sandblasting. We can remove your old pool coating quickly and cleanly, without damage or a huge mess.

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