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Dustless media sandblasting is becoming the technology of choice for a wide variety of uses around Atlanta homes and businesses. Restore old items for a new use, resurface graffiti-covered walls, clean weathered or stained decks, restore outdoor furniture, restore old cars, erase striping from parking lots and clean numerous surfaces with ease. Atlanta Sandblasting Services brings mobile dustless sandblasting equipment to your location for clean, easy surface restorations.

Dustless sandblasting combines water with the blasting media to contain the dust and debris before it escapes into the surrounding atmosphere. This keeps the air and surrounding surfaces from becoming polluted with great clouds of debris that settle on every nearby surface. Plus, an incredibly small amount of water is used, so there is no runoff. Only easy cleanup and a dust-free working environment for safety.

Glass, Soda, Sand Media Blasting in Atlanta

Atlanta Sandblasting Services uses different blasting media for various materials, tailoring the media to the job. Whatever works the best without harming the substrate, and works well with water, can be used for dustless media blasting. The most popular media are sand, glass and soda because they are so versatile and easily adjusted with differing pressures for various surfaces or objects.

  • Remove graffiti from brick or concrete
  • Remove paint or epoxy coatings
  • Remove old pool surfaces
  • Erase green or blackened weathering from bricks, stone or concrete
  • Safe, OSHA-approved asbestos mediation
  • Remove mold or mildew from wood, cement, concrete or brick
  • Remove old paint, rust and fillers from vintage cars
  • Prepare fleet vehicles for refinishing
  • Remove grease, grime and old paint from construction equipment

Atlanta Sandblasting Services combines our state-of-the-art mobile DB800® Dual sandblasting equipment with superior know-how and techniques to produce quality, professional sandblasting results at your home or business. We can handle virtually any project, and no job is too large or too small. Contact us today to inquire about your project and obtain a quote.

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