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Are you ready to rebuild that old car in your Duluth garage? Instead of sanding or grinding away at that old paint and rust, take it down to the original surface and start from scratch with dustless media sandblasting. Atlanta Sandblasting Services has the mobile sandblasting equipment and skills to prepare your project for rehabilitation without leaving a huge mess. Water contains the blasting media and any debris to prevent clouds of sand and dirt from accumulating everywhere.

Your project is left in pristine, damage-free condition, without loads of sand and debris to clean up when we are gone. Dustless sandblasting also works well on:

  • Cleaning green mold from surfaces
  • Removing graffiti
  • Greasy, grimy concrete floors
  • Removing old paint from asphalt
  • Refurbishing old lawn furniture or artwork
  • Stripping old paint from pool surfaces
  • Removing asbestos
  • Refurbishing boats
  • Removing powder coating
  • Removing coatings from concrete, stone or brick
  • Refurbishing old wood furniture
  • Etching into surfaces

The types of home or business projects that can be accomplished with dustless media sandblasting or professional pressure washing are almost endless. Atlanta Sandblasting Services leaves your Duluth surfaces clean, damage-free and ready for new use.

Local Pressure Washing and Dustless Sandblasting Contractor

Consider how much better your vehicles, buildings, walkways and property will appear to guests or customers with professional pressure washing or sandblasting to clear away signs of weathering and age. Atlanta Sandblasting Services can bring all the necessary equipment and personnel to your location in Duluth and handle all your major cleaning or surface rehabilitation projects.

Atlanta Sandblasting Services is the local pressure washing and dustless sandblasting contractor that you can trust for your home, commercial or heavy industry projects. Contact us today for a quote or more information about professional pressure washing and dustless media sandblasting.

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