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Atlanta Sandblasting Services

Atlanta Sandblasting Services is your locally-owned and operated source for residential and commercial sandblasting and pressure washing projects throughout the Atlanta Metro area and surrounding communities. No task is too small or too large for our highly-trained team and professional-grade equipment. We provide mobile services that bring all the necessary tools and technology to your Atlanta job site or home, completing all manner of cleaning and refurbishing tasks.

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Do you have an old car you want to refinish in Alpharetta? Our mobile sandblasting services can remove paint, fillers and rust, down to the original surface without damage. Is your boat in need of barnacle removal in Gainesville? We bring our tools and technology to you for damage-free, professional refurbishing to get you back in the waters of Lake Lanier quickly.
Two separate blasting systems mounted on a trailer
Other tasks include:

  • Graffiti removal
  • Asphalt stripe removal
  • Wood surface restoration
  • Powder coating removal
  • Surface cleaning for brick, concrete, metal and more
  • Pool resurfacing
  • Design etching
  • Much, much more!

Atlanta Sandblasting Services can bring our mobile equipment and skilled team to a variety of locations in and around Atlanta, including Alpharetta, Gainesville, Roswell, Brookhaven, Duluth and Johns Creek. Your home or business likely has an old item or worn surface that could benefit from sandblasting or pressure washing. Call Atlanta Sandblasting Services, or send us a message online to inquire about your unique task or project.

Dustless Media Sandblasting Specialists

Traditional sandblasting operations bring to mind great clouds of dust and debris filling the air and accumulating on every nearby surface. In many applications, this doesn’t present a problem. However, modern needs often require a cleaner and more environmentally-friendly approach. This is why Atlanta Sandblasting Services is your local dustless media sandblasting specialist.

Dustless media sandblasting uses water to harness the clouds of sandblasting media and resulting debris before it escapes into the surrounding atmosphere. The moisture effectively allows us to perform “clean” sandblasting operations using sand, glass or soda nearby other operations or areas without damage or a huge mess. Cleanup after dustless media sandblasting is a snap.

Many industries and areas in and around Atlanta, GA, are under environmental clean air restrictions that require the services of dustless media sandblasting specialists. Atlanta Sandblasting Services brings all the equipment we need to your site to perform dustless media sandblasting on a variety of surfaces and objects, large or small. Protect your nearby surfaces and the environment with our dustless media sandblasting.

Quality, Versatility and Safety

Sandblasting involves more than spraying some blasting media at any surface until it is clean. If you have ever attempted DIY sandblasting, you know that serious damage can occur. Using the wrong media, air pressure or technique can cause irreparable damage to some surfaces. Our trained and skilled team at Atlanta Sandblasting Services knows the correct techniques, tools, media, pressures and other factors to cleanly and safely clean or refurbish any material surface.

Even soft, porous materials like wood can be sandblasted using the correct techniques, media and equipment settings. Atlanta Sandblasting Services guarantees that our sandblasting work is of the highest quality for virtually any task, and we focus on safety at all times. Our company is licensed and insured for serving numerous Atlanta-area communities, and we thoroughly train every team member for the utmost in professional sandblasting services.

Many homeowners and business owners choose pressure washing services or sandblasting to clean outdoor walls, decks, porches, parking lots and pads, garage floors, sidewalks, outdoor furniture or fixtures and fences. If you are unsure about whether or not pressure washing or sandblasting is safe or practical for your project, call us at Atlanta Sandblasting Services. We’re glad to offer our professional advice.

When you need sandblasting, dustless media sandblasting or pressure washing for your Georgia home, commercial or industrial tasks or projects, call Atlanta Sandblasting Services, or send a message online to inquire about a quote.

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