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Asbestos is a dangerous material that was commonly used in construction and other industries for decades before its hazards became known. It contains crystalline silica that is proven to cause serious health problems. Now, asbestos must be removed from older buildings for safety. It can often be found in paint, tile and insulation. The removal process itself is hazardous, as small particles of the material can easily become airborne and spread to contaminate those within a wide area.

Atlanta Sandblasting Services provides professional dustless sandblasting for asbestos abatement and removal. We have the know-how, techniques and equipment to remove this harmful substance efficiently and safely, without compromising nearby buildings or areas. The mobile dustless sandblasting we perform captures the inert blasting media and the asbestos particles in water, effectively containing them for safe disposal.

High-pressure water asbestos abatement methods use a great deal more water, causing dangerous runoff that must also be contained and disposed of properly. Dustless sandblasting uses 95% less water than UHP water systems, making cleanup efforts much safer and easier.

OSHA Compliant & Eco-Friendly Asbestos Removal

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) recognizes the danger to workers who are engaged in removing asbestos and has issued strict protocols governing its removal. Atlanta Sandblasting Services completely follows all OSHA protocols when removing asbestos from Atlanta-area buildings to ensure the safety of our workers and other nearby persons.

This includes using a non-toxic blasting medium combined with water to contain asbestos particles and outfitting our team with suitable respirators and protective equipment. The areas where asbestos removal is taking place are also secured to prevent the escape of crystalline silica dust from asbestos.

Atlanta Sandblasting Services also ensures that all contaminated material is removed safely from the job site and disposed of according to environmental regulations. Contact us today to inquire about asbestos abatement with mobile dustless sandblasting.

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