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Have you ever considered sandblasting to refurbish old wooden surfaces, painted brick walls, weathered concrete surfaces or other items at your home or business? Lawrenceville homeowners and business owners who may be concerned about sandblasting being too harsh a treatment for these or other items need not fear.

Atlanta Sandblasting Services performs mobile sandblasting operations on all manner of surfaces and items, leaving them damage-free and like new. Our team has the skills and know-how to use the proper sandblasting techniques on every surface to guarantee damage-free, pristine results. We can even etch designs into some surfaces with the same equipment used to blast paint from brick walls or greasy stains from concrete.

There are many uses for sandblasting around Lawrenceville homes and businesses, like metal or wooden lawn furniture, sidewalks, parking garages, dumpster pads, old rusty car projects, fiberglass boat resurfacing, paint stripping, pool trim and decking and much more. Atlanta Sandblasting Services can advise you on the type of media and sandblasting operation that would best meet your needs for any project.

Local Dustless Sandblasting Contractor

We can also perform dustless sandblasting for those areas where huge clouds of dust and layers of debris are not wanted or welcome. By combining water with the blasting media (sand, glass or soda), we can prevent the huge mess that sometimes accompanies sandblasting operations. This means a clean working environment and easy cleanup when the job is completed.

Dustless sandblasting can even be done within the confines of a building when necessary. No residential, commercial or industrial job is too large or too small for Atlanta Sandblasting Services. We bring all the materials, personnel and state-of-the-art equipment to your location for quick, professional sandblasting that meets your needs. We also offer professional pressure washing.

Contact Atlanta Sandblasting Services today to inquire about a quote or a specific project at your Lawrenceville home or business.

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