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Powder coating is used for materials that take lots of abuse. Consequently, it is a difficult substance to remove when you are ready to refinish items that are already covered with it. Even dry sandblasting can cause powder coating to become warm and gooey, making it even harder to remove, and chemical strippers are toxic, dangerous and extremely messy.

Atlanta Sandblasting Services uses dustless sandblasting to remove tough powder coating from any surface or item. The water used to contain dust particles from the blasting operations also cool the powder coating, causing it to become brittle and flaky. As a result, dustless sandblasting can quickly erase all traces of powder coating from metal framework, wheels, steel columns and more. Plus, dustless sandblasting leaves an anchor profile on the surface so that new coatings adhere even better.

Dustless Sandblasting for Paint Removal

Any type of paint or coating can be easily removed with dustless sandblasting. Indoor or outdoor, residential or commercial paint is no match for high-pressure air combined with water and inert blasting media. Atlanta Sandblasting Services knows the best combination of blasting media and techniques to perform paint removal on all kinds of surfaces. Also, the water contains the dust and debris from blasting, keeping the air and surrounding area dust-free, and cleanup is safe and easy.

Metal, fiberglass, concrete, brick, stone, wood and more, we can use dustless sandblasting to erase all traces of paint and leave your surfaces in pristine condition. Atlanta Sandblasting Services has mobile equipment that we bring to your location for fast, professional paint removal using dustless sandblasting. Our equipment even supports multiple team members blasting at the same time, saving you time and money.

When you need powder coating, paint or any type of coatings removed to prepare for refinishing, contact Atlanta Sandblasting Services for more information and a quote on our services.

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