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Sandblasting operations are typically thought to be used primarily in industrial settings, such as removing paint from huge metal tanks, construction equipment and piping. While we do perform those operations, Atlanta Sandblasting Services also provides residential and business sandblasting throughout Kennesaw.

Business properties scrawled with graffiti, greasy parking lots with faded painted lines and weathered old buildings are uninviting to consumers. But just as uninviting are some elements around your Kennesaw home. Have you ever considered sandblasting at your home? Do you have:

  • Old, painted brick that needs to be stripped
  • Weathered wooden decking or furniture that needs rehabilitation
  • Oily, stained concrete garage floors that need cleaning
  • Grease-stained, painted asphalt that needs refurbishing
  • An old car project that needs paint stripping
  • A fiberglass boat loaded with barnacles

Dustless media sandblasting is just the solution for these and dozens more home projects. Kennesaw homeowners can call Atlanta Sandblasting Services for professional dustless sandblasting that will leave your project clean and looking like new without damage or a huge mess. Call us now for a quote.

Local Pressure Washing and Sandblasting

Often, Kennesaw homes and businesses just need professional pressure washing for keeping surfaces clean and safe. Atlanta Sandblasting Services can bring mobile pressure washing equipment to your location to perform seasonal maintenance or one-time projects. When pressure washing isn’t enough for the job, dustless sandblasting generally comes through.

Our teams at Atlanta Sandblasting Services use water with the blasting media to hold down dust and debris clouds that can pollute the air and create a huge mess. Your lungs and your neighbors will be grateful for your consideration in choosing dustless sandblasting for your project. When you need surface cleaning or rehabilitation in Kennesaw, GA, Atlanta Sandblasting Services is your local provider of professional-grade pressure washing and dustless sandblasting. Contact us today to ask about your project.

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