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Commercial kitchens throughout Atlanta and the surrounding areas see lots of use every day and thorough cleaning is a definite requirement. Without regular cleaning, grease, grime, oil and dirt can combine to form a slimy film that covers everything. Health inspectors are not satisfied with less than pristine conditions in commercial kitchens for the safety of customers. Atlanta Sandblasting Services provides pressure washing for commercial kitchens in and around Atlanta.

Our professional commercial power washing services can form an important complement to your everyday cleaning efforts. A periodic high-pressure scouring keeps grime and grease from gaining a hold in cracks and crevices around cooking equipment and food preparation areas. Atlanta Sandblasting Services can even provide a complete power washing of your commercial kitchen before each periodic inspection. Call us for a quote today.

Reliable Drive Thru Power Washing

Restaurant drive-thru windows and lanes all over Atlanta and the surrounding counties endure as much traffic as many public roadways. All this traffic carries in dirt, oil, smoke and other contaminants that are left behind where patrons come to pick up food. Atlanta Sandblasting Services can provide commercial power washing to keep drive-thrus clean and safe for customers.

Drive-thru lanes are an often-neglected area of the foodservice industry. Little thought is given to where cars pass through; emphasis is given to everywhere food is prepared and handled – until it leaves the drive-thru window. But what about that area where customers patiently wait for and pick up food? Keep it clean and safe with periodic pressure washing to remove contaminants and weather-related obstacles like leaves and snow.

Contact Atlanta Sandblasting Services today, and ask about pricing on regular power washing packages for your restaurant drive-thru. We serve the Atlanta Metro area and numerous surrounding cities.

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