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Does your Sandy Springs home have outdoor brick walls, wooden decks, pools or outdoor furniture that show the grit and grime of weather and time? Atlanta Sandblasting Services can bring our mobile equipment and skilled team to your location to make these and many other surfaces look new again. Our Dual DB800® Mobile Sandblasting Unit features dustless media sandblasting, which means no great clouds of dust or huge messes. We use water to capture the blasting media and debris, preventing it from polluting the air and any neighboring areas.

Many surfaces can be refurbished with dustless sandblasting. Local residences, businesses and industries can employ our mobile sandblasting team for:

  • Stripping paint and other coatings from brick, metal, wood and more
  • Swimming pool resurfacing
  • Marine growth removal from docks and boats
  • Graffiti removal from buildings or monuments
  • Surface preparation for refinishing
  • Removing rust
  • Asbestos mitigation
  • Antique vehicle restorations
  • Removing old paint and striping from concrete or asphalt

Many surfaces or objects can be refurbished with sandblasting. Our skilled team knows the correct pressure, media and techniques to use for each type of material, surface or item to get the results you desire. No task in Sandy Springs is too large or too small for Atlanta Sandblasting Services.

Local Surface Rehabilitation/Sandblasting Contractor

Dustless media sandblasting allows you to restore numerous old items or dingy, weathered surfaces quickly and cleanly. Our mobile team brings all the equipment, materials and know-how necessary for each job. At Atlanta Sandblasting Services, we are your locally-owned surface rehabilitation sandblasting contractor for Sandy Springs and the surrounding areas.

Learn more about how mobile dustless sandblasting can help your home, business or industry by calling Atlanta Sandblasting Services and speaking to a team member. We can answer your questions about possible sandblasting projects and provide a quote for our services. We also offer professional pressure washing. Call or message us online today.

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