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When you are ready to tackle that old car rebuild project in your Newnan garage, Atlanta Sandblasting Services is your mobile sandblasting solution. Our portable equipment can handle any project with ease. We bring all the tools, materials and technology to your location to perform sandblasting operations on virtually any object or surface.

Don’t have an old car needed restoration? How about:

  • Painted brick walls
  • Worn wooden fences or decks
  • Pool surfaces
  • Weathered concrete lawn art or furniture
  • Oily concrete or asphalt driveways
  • Boats covered with marine growth
  • Buildings covered with graffiti
  • Tanks or equipment that need paint stripping
  • Asbestos that needs removal
  • Construction equipment that needs refurbishing
  • Sidewalks or parking garages that need cleaning

Almost any item or type of surface in Newnan can be sandblasted to a clean, damage-free surface for renewed life and use. Do you wonder if your particular project can benefit from sandblasting? Call and speak to a team member at Atlanta Sandblasting Services. We can provide advice and information to help.

We also offer professional pressure washing services for homes, businesses and other concerns. Inquire about our seasonal cleaning packages or one-time job pricing.

Local Dustless Sandblasting & Pressure Washing

If you are worried about the mess from sandblasting around your home or business in Newnan, dustless sandblasting can remove those concerns completely. With dustless sandblasting from Atlanta Sandblasting Services, we use state-of-the-art equipment to mix water with the blasting media to prevent huge clouds of dust and layers of debris lying about.

Our team can perform quality, professional dustless sandblasting operations at your location without polluting the air or surrounding environment. We leave your items and surfaces clean and damage-free, with no mess left behind. We also offer pressure washing for regular or periodic cleaning operations at your home or business. Do you need dustless sandblasting or pressure washing in Newnan, GA? Contact Atlanta Sandblasting Services today for a quote or more information.

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