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When it is time to prepare your Atlanta-area pool for resurfacing, nothing works better than dustless sandblasting. Pool coatings can be tough to remove, and endless chipping and scraping can damage the pool substrate. Professional dustless sandblasting uses water and an inert media with high-pressure air to blast away all traces of coating, leaving your pool surface clean and damage-free, ready for refinishing.

Atlanta Sandblasting Services provides the latest in mobile dustless sandblasting equipment that we bring right to your property. Our team knows the best blasting media, pressure and techniques to perform superior pool resurfacing blasting operations. We can even support multiple team members blasting simultaneously to make your pool resurfacing process faster and cheaper.

Taking care of your pool is a full-time job, but resurfacing is a huge task above and beyond regular pool maintenance. When it’s time for pool resurfacing in or around Atlanta, GA, call Atlanta Sandblasting Services for dustless sandblasting. No pool or job is too large or too small.

Removing Plaster and Paint from Atlanta-area Pools

Flaking plaster and paint can present a risk for injury in your pool. Premises liability requires you to keep a safe pool, taking all reasonable measures to prevent injuries and accidents. If a guest gets cut on flaking plaster, you could be liable for their injury. Atlanta Sandblasting Services can make short work out of stripping that old coating off your pool surface with dustless sandblasting.

Another important advantage of dustless sandblasting for removing pool coatings is the environmental impact. Dustless sandblasting prevents great clouds of debris from floating into the air and covering nearby surfaces, keeping the neighbors and your family healthy and happy. And cleanup is easy since all the debris is wet and confined to a smaller area, but there is no runoff to pollute nearby water sources or drainage systems.

When you need fast and efficient pool coating removal in Atlanta and the surrounding communities, contact Atlanta Sandblasting Services, and ask about our mobile dustless sandblasting services.

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