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Many people think of two things when they hear of sandblasting: a huge mess, and industrial operations. While it is true that sandblasting is frequently used to strip paint and other grime from industrial surfaces and equipment, it is also a versatile service for Dunwoody homes and businesses. With dustless sandblasting from Atlanta Sandblasting Services, the huge mess is a thing of the past.

Dustless media sandblasting uses sand, glass or soda to blast away old paint or other coatings, rust, grime and more, but it is combined with water to contain the media and debris from the blasting operation. This means no huge mess, no clouds of debris polluting the air and a safe, clean alternative for your home or business projects.

Atlanta Sandblasting Services serves Dunwoody homes and businesses by providing mobile pressure washing and dustless sandblasting services at your location. We bring everything needed to complete the job and leave you with only clean surfaces.

  • Brick
  • Wood
  • Vinyl siding
  • Concrete
  • Metal
  • Fiberglass
  • Cleaning and etching

If it needs to be cleaned or resurfaced, our pressure washing and sandblasting services are just the operation to make your old-looking items like new again.

DeKalb County Pressure Washing & Dustless Sandblasting

Many homeowners and business owners can benefit from seasonal pressure washing to keep debris, grime and other contaminants from accumulating on walls, lounge areas, walking surfaces and parking areas. With regular maintenance, these timely chores are a snap. Plus, your home or company maintains a clean, orderly and pristine appearance that is attractive and safe.

When items or surfaces become weathered and worn, sandblasting can clear away mold, mildew, grime, old coatings, rust or other debris and leave you with pristine surfaces that are ready to use or recoat again. Our team has the skills and knowledge to use the correct media, pressure settings and techniques to leave your surfaces clean and damage-free.

Contact Atlanta Sandblasting Services when you need pressure washing or dustless sandblasting throughout the Dunwoody area.

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