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Painted brick was a style a few decades ago, but now many older homes are facing renovations that includes removing this flaking, worn paint. Due to the nature of brick masonry, endless scraping and scrubbing are practically useless, as the paint embeds itself in the cracks and crevices of the substrate. This makes it virtually impossible to remove – except with professional sandblasting.

Atlanta Sandblasting Services is your local source for mobile sandblasting when you need paint removal from brick homes, walls, steps, porches, walkways and hardscapes. No coating is too old and weather-beaten for sandblasting. The combination of inert blasting media, high-pressure air and skilled techniques effectively and completely removes the toughest paint and coatings from every nook and cranny of brick surfaces.

Bring your older brick home back to new life by revealing the stunning brick surfaces underneath old paint through professional sandblasting. Atlanta Sandblasting Services is pleased to offer this service to homeowners and property owners throughout Atlanta and the surrounding suburbs, where many fine, old homes need renovation and refurbishing. Call us today for a tailored quote.

Georgia Media Blasting Experts

Old, stately brick homes throughout Georgia are still standing firm and tall, providing beautiful, sturdy homes for families of several generations. Atlanta Sandblasting Services can help you preserve these old or historically significant structures with professional sandblasting. We even offer dustless sandblasting to mitigate the release or accumulation of excess dust and debris on your property. The dustless sandblasting process uses much less water than people realize, preventing damage to your masonry or polluting runoff.

Our skilled team has the know-how and state-of-the-art mobile blasting equipment necessary to perform dustless sandblasting for paint removal from old brick without causing damage. You are left with pristine brick surfaces, and cleanup is simple. Restore your old brick home or building to its former glory with dustless sandblasting for paint removal.

Atlanta Sandblasting Services is pleased to visit your property and provide advice on the best methods to remove old paint and give a quote for our services. Contact us today about your brick home refurbishing project near Atlanta.

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