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When it is time to refinish your company fleet vehicles, removing the old paint and decals can take weeks of sanding and grinding. Too much of this kind of surface preparation can create heat that warps the metal, creating more problems for your vehicles. Atlanta Sandblasting Services has a better solution – dustless sandblasting services for fleet vehicles.

We can bring our mobile sandblasting equipment to your location with all the materials and know-how needed to sandblast your fleet vehicles to bare metal without damaging the surface. With this huge step completed, you can now proceed with any repairs and refinishing operations on clean metal surfaces. Sandblasting removes rust, paint, decals and old fillers quickly and easily, and dustless sandblasting keeps the atmosphere and surrounding areas clean and makes cleanup easy.

Paint & Decal Removal for Atlanta Vehicles

Periodic maintenance often demands repainting fleet vehicles to keep them looking fresh and clean. Old, worn vehicles give your company a bad reputation. Many other scenarios present the need for refinishing fleet vehicles, including:

  • Routine maintenance
  • Company changes hands, using new logos, colors or slogans
  • Company buys used vehicles that need to match existing fleet
  • Certain fleet vehicles will be used for special advertising

Fleet vehicles can include cars, trucks, delivery trucks, semi-trucks, airplanes and more. Atlanta Sandblasting Services can bring our state-of-the-art mobile DB800® Dual sandblasting equipment to your location to perform dustless sandblasting. This special equipment allows for multiple blasting operations to take place simultaneously, so we can sandblast multiple vehicles at a time for quicker turnaround.

Contact Atlanta Sandblasting Services today for more information about sandblasting for fleet vehicles in your Atlanta-area company or industry.

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