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Atlanta area restaurants preparing and serving food to the public are required to maintain strict guidelines for cleanliness. Periodic inspections seek to enforce these guidelines and even score restaurants on how clean their operations are in the kitchen and dining area. Atlanta Sandblasting Services provides commercial pressure washing for restaurants throughout Atlanta and the surrounding cities.

While restaurant staff is charged with regular cleaning and sanitation duties on every shift, a periodic general cleaning can help prevent the buildup of grease, grime, dirt and other contaminants in and on equipment, floors and storage areas. Atlanta Sandblasting Services provides mobile pressure washing for restaurants to help keep all vital areas and equipment sparkling clean.

Cleaning with high-pressure water can blast away stuck-on food particles, grease stains and other persistent substances that attract dirt and form a breeding ground for harmful bacteria. Even some solvents and cleaners cannot loosen what pressure washing can scour away. Periodic pressure washing of all your food storage and preparation areas helps to keep your restaurant spotless and healthy.

Commercial Power Washing Company in Fulton County

Commercial power washing can benefit a host of different businesses like restaurants. Coffee shops, donut shops, cake shops, ice cream shops and more that provide foodstuffs to the public should all reflect a neat, clean appearance, inside and out. Your staff may do a great job of keeping the inside pristine and clean, but what about the outside? No one wants to eat in a shop that is dirty and unkempt on the outside.

That outside impression colors how patrons think of your eating establishment. If the outside is dirty, what is the food like on the inside? Atlanta Sandblasting Services can provide periodic pressure washing on the outside of your restaurant or foodservice business to keep it clean and inviting. Inside and out, professional pressure washing can help you maintain a clean, healthy and safe food service company.

Restaurants in Atlanta and Fulton County, contact Atlanta Sandblasting Services, and ask about our professional power washing for commercial kitchens, bathrooms, drive-thrus and exterior surfaces.

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