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Parking stripes on concrete or asphalt are subjected to incredible wear and tear from vehicles and weather. Over time, even the toughest striping material will wear away and become hardly visible. This can lead to a higher risk of accidents, as motorists are unclear about crucial directions and signage.

Removing parking stripes and other pavement signage is also a difficult process, and the usual method of grinding it away leaves marks on the surface that can still hold coating. This can be confusing for motorists, with multiple stripes or confusing directional markings. Atlanta Sandblasting Services has the perfect solution for parking stripe removal – professional sandblasting.

Sandblasting completely erases all traces of the parking or roadway striping, including tough thermoplastic, leaving behind damage-free concrete or asphalt for recoating. Sealer, oil stains, grease, tar and other substances can also be scoured completely away for a like-new appearance. Atlanta Sandblasting Services has the latest mobile sandblasting equipment that we bring to your location for quick, easy sandblasting services for parking stripes removal.

Dustless Sandblasting for Safe Pavement Refurbishing

We also offer dustless sandblasting for those areas of concrete or asphalt pavement in enclosed structures or near environmentally sensitive features. Dustless sandblasting uses water to trap contaminants before they are released into the air, keeping the workspace and surrounding areas clean and safe. Our process meets OSHA and EPA regulations for clean air and worker safety.

When you need to remove parking lines, signage or directional lines from concrete or asphalt, call Atlanta Sandblasting Services for mobile dustless sandblasting. Our professional process leaves superior results and easy cleanup. We can work with private companies, municipal service entities, state or local road crews or any other clients that need paving strip removal anywhere around Atlanta and the surrounding area.

No job is too large or too small. Safe, fast and easy striping and signage removal from concrete or asphalt. Contact Atlanta Sandblasting Services today for a quote.

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