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Now that it’s time to bring that old car out of the barn or garage and begin rebuilding it, you will have to strip away the old paint to prepare for refinishing. And that old paint can hide rust or previous repairs. You could be in for endless hours of sanding or grinding – or you could remove that old car finish quickly and easily with dustless sandblasting.

Easily Strip Away Old Paint, Fillers and Rust

Atlanta Sandblasting Services brings the latest mobile sandblasting equipment to your garage or other location to remove old car coatings quickly, easily and safely. Sanding and grinding fill the air with toxic particles that are dangerous to your health. And all that friction can warp the metal surfaces on the car, creating even more repair work for you.

Sandblasting removes old paint, repair fillers and rust down to the bare metal, even around tight areas like rivets and trim. Erase all vestiges of old paint to ensure a smooth refinishing process after repairs or modifications are completed. Plus, sandblasting is fast and easy, leaving your old car project ready for the next steps within a day.

Dustless Sandblasting for Surface Rehabilitation

Sandblasting in a garage or other enclosed area? No problem – dustless media sandblasting uses water to capture dust and debris before it can cloud the air or workspace, making project cleanup easier and keeping the nearby surfaces clean. The minute amount of water used will not harm the metal surfaces of the car, actually cooling it to prevent warping from heat.

Old car restoration projects must begin from a good foundation, and dustless sandblasting can strip away everything to reveal the bare metal surfaces and framework for a clear idea of your project. With clean metal surfaces, no damage is hidden and surface refinishing is much simpler.

Call Atlanta Sandblasting Services today and ask a team member about dustless media sandblasting to remove an old car finish in or around Atlanta, Georgia.

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