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The stone terrace was washed with pressurized water

Painting the exterior of older brick homes was a popular fad just a few decades ago. In more recent times, that fad has passed and many brick homes now have cracked and crumbling paint that detracts from their appearance. How do you remove this unattractive coating from rough brick surfaces? Atlanta Sandblasting Services has the ultimate solution – professional sandblasting.

Painted Brick and Dustless Media Sandblasting

If you have ever attempted to scrape or chip old, flaking paint from brick, you know that process is utterly hopeless. Even after endless scraping, chipping and wire brushing, paint still peers out at you from the cracks and crevices in the brick and mortar. Plus, excessive chipping and hammering damage the brick substrate, causing cracks and inviting water damage.

Atlanta Sandblasting Services provides the most state-of-the-art mobile sandblasting equipment and techniques to perform professional, damage-free sandblasting operations to remove old paint and coatings from brick. The blasting media penetrates every nook and cranny to erase all traces of paint, leaving your clean brick in like-new condition.

Our skilled team knows the correct equipment pressure settings, blasting media and techniques to use to remove stubborn paint from brick homes without damaging the substrate. This is especially important in older brick homes constructed with softer brick and mortar compounds. Atlanta Sandblasting Services can perform an important part of historic brick home restoration by removing stubborn coatings and preserving the brick underneath.

Dustless Sandblasting Services for Atlanta Homes

In many residential areas, clean air regulations prohibit traditional sandblasting that creates great clouds of dust and debris. Atlanta Sandblasting Services provides dustless media sandblasting that captures the debris from blasting operations before it can escape into the atmosphere. This means clean air, a cleaner workspace and no layers of dust on nearby surfaces.

Plus, we use an incredibly small amount of water in dustless sandblasting, so this will also not harm the softer brick used in many older, historic homes. Cleanup is easy and your beautiful brick home is free of any traces of paint or surface damage.

Call Atlanta Sandblasting Services today and ask about dustless sandblasting for removing paint from Atlanta area brick homes.

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