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Sandblasting is the fast, easy way to remove old paint, coatings, rust, decals and fillers from all sizes of automobiles. Forget sanding for days and breathing in harmful dust! Sandblasting can remove everything and leave behind the pristine, original surface without damage. Atlanta Sandblasting Services provides mobile automotive sandblasting services to meet your personal or commercial needs in and around Atlanta, Georgia.

Taking vehicles down to the bare metal surface allows you to discover damage that was hidden by paint or fillers. Remove rust with ease to prepare for repairs. Eliminate the friction and heat from excessive sanding or stripping that can warp metal. Dustless sandblasting even eliminates the nuisance of dust in the air, making the job cleaner and safer. And cleanup is a snap.

Do you have a fleet of company vehicles that need repainting? No problem! Atlanta Sandblasting Services brings our mobile dustless sandblasting equipment to you, along with all the necessary materials and know-how. We can perform automotive surface restoration operations in one or many vehicles in your fleet, leaving them ready for the refinishing process.

Remove Old Car Paint

Older, vintage cars typically have tougher coatings than newer models. Sanding or grinding through these coatings can damage the metal, take loads of time and effort and make a huge mess. Plus, this older paint dust is highly toxic and unhealthy. Remove old car paint at your Atlanta-area location with mobile dustless sandblasting from Atlanta Sandblasting Services.

If you have put off an antique car project for years because of the amount of work involved in stripping it down, Atlanta Sandblasting Services can handle that giant task for you. We will leave you a clean, damage-free project on which to begin anew. And, dustless sandblasting makes cleanup simple and fast.

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